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First look at the new 2020 jeanneau 349 sun odyssey sailboat by. This page is a detailed representation of the polar diagram showing a list of predicted performance variables for each. The first 30 belongs to the first range and the half tonner class. With the beneteau shipyard, we wanted to recreate simple boats of which the essence.

On the t1 cpu, the polar file can be selected with a software command. Urgently need threaded shroud stay adjuster for beneteau first. The top diagram shows the vmg for various wind speeds. On those results beneteau have built 60 boats with another 100 on order. Mostly in numerical format to easily plug into routing software. The technical finetuning will be supervised by a sailor with an unique list of victories to his name, michel desjoyeaux, skipper of the monohull foncia. The beneteau 343 is the latest model from one of the industrys most prolific builder. Abordage has built more than 3,000 custom boat models over the past 30 years with even more satisfied owners worldwide. Oct 17, 2009 we can use the polar diagram to determine the best angles to sail.

This sailboat was produced between 1977 and 1981 with 969 hulls completed. Then the distance to that point from the center of the diagram is your boat speed. Understand your boat and her statistics yachting monthly. Unfortunately, the polar diagram i started from wasnt really for my boat, so. Best boatspeeds the upper portion of this page gives a numerical representation of the polar. This boat has been well maintained and still raced every year at events like cowes week. Jeanneau sailboat, power boats, yachts, trimarans and bali. She was built by beneteau france and made of single skin fiberglass polyester. Getting a polar diagram for your boat by russ, on september 4th, 2010 having researched the articles on optimal routing recently, one of the many avenues of related research that presented itself was of course to do with determining what your boat performance characteristics really are. I am skipping through the pages and look at the data. Drake hoj jensen, north tuning guide etchells doyle, north, quantum farr 36 farr performance prediction farr 40 doyle, farr pp, north, quantum farr 395 doyle, north fenix trimguide finn flyer 36 club. Optimal upwind and downwind conditions are marked as small rectangles on the boat speed contours for each windspeed.

Even if very highquality, a set of polars can only reflect the computer model they started with, and express it in a set of targets unique to that boat. I loaded this version on my e7 yesterday, but didnt verify that it can read both types. The bronze nut is fastened to the top of the tube and the screw is welded to the socket for the winch handle. Discussion in boat design started by mikejohns, sep 5, 2004. This is my understanding of the polar charts from the finot group who designed the wonderful little beneteau first 21. Jun 03, 20 the ockam system has always allowed for the use of several polar files. New design beneteau 210 keel lift mechanism first 210. Another detail that should be obvious, but really isnt. She is the perfect boat for someone to get into irc handicap racing on a budget. Our sailing polar is a diagram showing boatspeed across a range of wind angles and wind speeds, displayed in polar coordinates. In july we flew to toronto, canada, to join beneteau usas president wayne burdick on the maiden voyage in north america of the new beneteau 49. Your instruments must measure the boat and its environment accurately and precisely to give you a good idea of the actual performance. It had also required a varying number of turns every time i raised or lowered it.

This web page is quick introduction on how to look at a photometric diagram and get important information from it. It shows that at winds of 18 knots, it is recommended to reef the mainsail 25%. Beneteau first 30 tijd round the rocks singlehanded race. As the first owner of your new beneteau, your warranty only becomes valid upon receipt, by beneteau, of the completed and signed warranty form. The first 30 has done well on the european race circuit. Volvo penta d inboard diesel engine purchased new in 2018 and with less than 50 hours of use since then. Beneteau 323 standing rigging cotter pin size question. Beneteau first 211 tech notes new design beneteau 210 keel lift mechanism. The very first, some will recall, was the 30, a successful ior halftonner introduced in 1977 that spawned nearly 1,000 sister ships. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. This compact cruiser is ideal for new sailing families just setting out on their first adventures together, and equally suited to retired baby boomers looking to downsize from their larger yachts.

A35 polar a40rc polar albin nova polar arcona400 arcona430 vpp arcona460 bavaria 38 match beneteau 44. Angles are measured relative to the wind, and shown as true wind angle or twa. As a beneteau dealer, he has certain obligations to you as our customer and to beneteau as our representative. The older your boat, the more likely you are to have either no wiring diagram or one thats worse. This boat offers performance and comfort at an attractive price. Raymarine has apparently released new software lighthouse version 17 that will accept both styles of files. Polar diagrams for sailboat performance always show a heartshaped curve, since we cant sail.

Still as reliable yet even more adept, the first 30 comes in a new flavor synonymous with technology, design and ergonomics, providing you with heightened sensations and greater freedom. Noone has any polars or tune details for the beneteau first 45 with carbon rig and deep. The usual result is a polar diagram, generated by a velocity prediction program vpp. These predicted speeds are the output of the the wolfson unit vpp software using.

Be among the first to hear about exclusive offers, helpful training tips and the latest polar news. The 343 is comfortable on deck and below, it is easy to handle and maintain, and it performs well through a wide range of. These polars describe the boat to be very quick in light air, suggest using spin even at 4050 degrees apparent winds and suggest the boat may top out at 8 knots under chute in 24 knot true winds. Beneteau 281 beneteau 285 beneteau 29 beneteau 30 beneteau 300 beneteau 305.

Conceived as a lively cruiser, the 343 includes design and construction features that weve come to take for granted from beneteau. Vpp polar diagram this is a graphical representation of the boats performance across a range of windspeeds and true wind directions. The first 235 will heel to 30 degrees by 20 knots wind. Photos, downloads, owner modifications, accessories, boats for sale, and more. For example, you can search for the boat that has the highest combined normalized scores in motion comfort and sail area to displacement giving one a 60% weight and the other 40%, or whatever. Siete alla ricerca di una barca beneteau first 30 barche usate e nuove da acquistare su. The vpp plots boat speed against true wind speed and true wind angle. These polars describe the boat to be very quick in light air, suggest using spin even at 4050 degrees apparent winds and suggest the boat. On the 001 cpu with 037 performance index, there was a hardware switch to set the desired polar file. Beneteau first 30 new 2010 model at sunbird yacht sales.

Jul 22, 2010 despues del legendario first 30 mauric en 1976 y del exito planetario del first 31. The screw now goes down into the tube when lifting the keel, a reverse of the original design. Now beneteau has created a brandnew first 30, a sexy craft dressed in flashy graphics that fairly screamed excitement when unveiled at the annapolis boat show in october 2010. It assumes all kinds of things, such as flat water, an optimum suit of sails, and a crew that knows how to.

The most recent design for the beneteau 210 lift mechanism has a tube welded to the yoke that attaches to the keel. A skipper should go forward and always ask for such a graph instead of the polardiagram in the first place because there is much more useful and practical information in this. Barche beneteau first 30 cantiere beneteau first 30. The beneteau first 30 sails in annapolis for the 2011 sw boty contest. How to understand photometric polar diagrams ransen. The beneteau first 30 well, as you may know, beneteau no longer builds the first 30 as there are just the first 20 and 25 left to be acquired as new boats. Albin nova blur beneteau 25 north capri 22 ullman dehler 38pacer 376. Unfortunately, the polar diagram i started from wasnt really for my boat, so it wasnt useful to input the polar data. You can find your ideal boat by doing a weighted search. As a beneteau dealer, he has certain obligations to you as our customer and to. Its the smallest sailboat made by the largest and oldest sailboat manufacturer in the world.

We resumed the base forms of the figaro solo and of the first 310. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Beneteau is launching the new first 30, designed by the talented juan kouyoumdjian, well known from the americas cup and the volvo ocean race. Avalon vpp velocity prediction polars calcule automatiquement vos polaires. I recently replaced the keel lift mechanism in my beneteau 210, sojourn, hull 76. If you dont want to create your own polar file, download all polar files here. This page is a detailed representation of the polar diagram showing a list of. The first 30, here in fin keel version, is a 2811 monohull sailboat designed by andre mauric. Aug 02, 2017 the very first, some will recall, was the 30, a successful ior halftonner introduced in 1977 that spawned nearly 1,000 sister ships. It is a harmonious boat where all the elements were the object of an improvement. The ballast was completely modified with a more important draft and a generous ballast which gives it a center of gravity more low and less wet surface. On the used boat market quite a few first 30 are offered for prices ranging between 80.

An uptodate wiring diagram could save your weekend, your boat, or your life. Sailing world boty 2011 beneteau first 30 walter cooper. Every type of boat has its polar diagram or vpp, velocity prediction program. Loads of sails, including a set used 11 times, she is ready to go. Whether you want to install a new stereo system or trace an intermittent electrical fault, a wiring diagram will save you hours of aggravation.

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