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Create a movie catalog for dune media players movienizer contains all necessary tools to organize your movie collection the way you like it. You can also play it on your device you can explore the dune and possibly smb networks. Dune media controller dmc is an application for media collection visualization, remote control and playback. This is a pilot version of the application, and it may not work correctly in all cases. Advanced connectivity, highend es9038pro audio dac, xlr audio outputs, two highend transformers for power supply, only highend components. However 50% of the movies, when i click the cover to get to the plot page, i get a full blu screen from yadis, with no template although scraping and exporting worked when i try to play the movie, he says no video is. Dune hd gui linux running simultaneously with android os. However, yadis does seem to have a problem deleting files and folders on the. Make sure its empty otherwise the system will refuse to use it for internal storage you can still erase everything from the ui then try to reconfigure it as internal storage. Dune bd prime and dune smart d1 connected via cat5e to home network. Kami buka forum khusus technical support dune hd media player untuk membantu dan melayani pengguna dune hd media player di indonesia. It took me a while to make my mind up to purchase the dune d1, but im really happy that i did now.

Aug 12, 2011 i have only ever used zappiti on my dune so cant help im afraid. Devo dire che questo prodotto dune 4k hd solo e veramente eccezionale. To enhance the experience of using the dune hd max player, there is the zappiti media center software. Dune hd base 3d, dune hd tv303d, dune hd tv102 and dune hd connect. Feb 24, 2020 if you use yadis for scrapping your movies and you have a dune hd, this app will let you import your list of films and series and even consult offline. User interface smartphone control yadis on dune hd tv media. It features yadis backup where you can fully decide what to backup. Dune hd is recognized as a global leader in highperformance digital media players. The program doesnt recommend using an internal hard disk, even a separate one.

It supports the majority of digital audio and video formats, including the most modern hevc video codec with one billion colors 10bit color encoding, all modern 3d video standards such as mvc, sidebyside and topandbottom, audiophile hd audio with high resolution up to 24bit 192 khz, etc. No bells and whistles regarding other areas apps, android, gui but where it counts image quality, video playback and relevant features, stability, network, compatibility with popular formats it is still the best one. I have been meaning to look at a newly released video jukebox for the dunes called yadis 2. The software adds more functionality to the dune hd. Supported models firmware updates for these models are planned.

Zappiti is able to scan automaticaly your movies and collect cover art, backgrounds and data infos. These indexes are generated by collection managers like zappiti, yadis, dmm, musicnizer and others. In zappiti configuration you set an export path this is the network path from your pc to the location you want the video wall pages stored so just use the network browser to find the dune on your home network and use that path. Feb 15, 2012 im a zappiti user so my answers are based on that yadis might differ in some points. Get the best deals on dune hd when you shop the largest online selection at. Zip file, put it onto usb flash drive, attach the usb flash drive to dune hd unit, and launch the.

Nearly six months ago wow, has it been that long i took a look at zappiti, a video jukebox for the dune players. New hdi dune hd media player user interface duration. Jan 20, 2012 dune is no stranger to squeezing a quart into a pint pot, but with the hd max its surpassed itself. Yadis has a simple but efficient interface with two modes, novice and expert.

Yadis created a folder with all the move data within and you launch the. If you start yadis, you will be able to read files located in volume1 as the export folder is also located there the dune opens only one smb connection to volume1 for yadis interface and files in the same share, but not in the volume2 because the dune will consider that you double call smb. You can get it on zappiti market basket icon via zappiti media center software. Ill be buying two more for other locations on my network. Komunitas pengguna dune hd high quality media player kaskus. Dec 15, 2010 on my dune main screen i got a shortcut to the yadis folder. Yadisget dune hd control if you use yadis for scrapping your movies and you have a dune hd, this app will let you import your list of films and series and. Yadis hasznalata eseten mi a helyes eleresi ut, hogy a lejatszando anyagot ne kuldje korbe a halozatba es vissza onmagaba. Dune hd max 4k premium fullsized 4kp60 hdr media player and android smart tv box on. When i start that, everything works ok, i got covers everywhere. Since the hardwarefirmware on the new smart models is nearly identical to the bd prime i would expect the same experience. Control4 dealers have enthusiastically embraced the dune hd max, duo and smart series in their custom residential and commercial projects, and the control4 certification brings additional advantages to the dune hd line over competing universal media players. View online or download dune hd tv303d quick start manual. Dune hd ultra 4k flagship highend fullsized 4kp60 hdr media player and android smart tv box on realtek 1295.

In breve tempo mi ha creato compilation con le locandine di tutti i file contenuti nell hard disk. Dune hd duo 4k is an advanced solution for playback of 4k and full hd video, highquality audio, iptv and vod content, digital tv channels. It seems like its at least one of the main introductions to yadis. Apr 06, 2019 dune hd base 3d app atmos dolby android mise a jour popcorn hour a400 vs ban d. The dune hd max has an extra usb port on the main board under the hdd rack metallic plate so we can plug a small 2gb flash drive there and forget it. The simple program can be downloaded from zappitis website, where you can.

Dune hd 4k solo is the best video player out there. Menu completo delle cartelle blu ray, lunico al momento in grado di farlo. This model, as all other nextgeneration dune hd media players, has full support for the latest video standards 4kp60, hdr, bt. My dune hd 3d base stopped accessing my smb shares after i. If you use yadis for scrapping your movies and you have a dune hd, this app will let you import your list of films and series and even consult offline. The software adds more functionality to the dune hd player. Yadis backup is an easytouse backuptool which will protect your personal data.

Harapan kami dune hd media player menjadi pilihan no. To use zappiti media center v3 you need to get the zappiti premium licence token number. I imagine many people will go to this main post because its at the top and use the direct link to 2. Yet another document indexing system yadis is a simple perlbased document indexing and searching system. Ill try to be as comprehensive as possible by giving you also some useful tips on the most common problems. In automatico riproduce i file audio contenuti nella cartella selezionata. Dune hd pro 4k is a nextgeneration premium compact 4kp60 hdr media player and android smart tv box with hiend video quality, bd3d support, hd audio support, hdmi input. I am always on the lookout to test new video jukeboxes for the various media players i have scattered across my house. Dune hd realbox 4k dune hd smartbox 4k dune hd ultra 4k dune hd max 4k dune hd pro 4k plus dune hd traveler dune hd pro 4k.

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